President's Choice Financial

presidents choice financial

Panda Rose built and fully developed an interactive marketing kiosk for President’s Choice Financial. Users register their information, receive a helmet-mounted GoPro, and proceed down a zip line recording their travel. Two big screens display selected videos for people outside the event. Videos from users are downloaded from the GoPro and uploaded to YouTube with a PCF watermark. Our software, hardware and on-site support solutions handled all the complexities of the event and automated the process allowing users to proceed through the experience as quickly as possible while providing a unique marketing experience for PCF.

Interactive Marketing Experience

AccessForward Website

AccessForward Accessibility Directorate of Ontario This interactive website provides training and resources for newly certified HR Practitioners coming into the workforce. Panda Rose worked with

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Transforming FSL

Transforming FSL Ministry of Education, Field Services Branch To completely revamp their online presence for their 40th anniversary, Panda Rose redeveloped a new website to

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