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Our social media strategies not only grow your fan base but engages your audience so they learn to trust your product and/or service, and become loyal customers.

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We work with you to create social profiles that display your business

Some of our grateful clients

Mortgage Simple Social Media Management / Branded Video Content

Krista Lindstrom: We provide Krista with ongoing social media management; one of her goals is to educate the public on financial best practices and shed light on lesser-known mortgage information. We help her reach her goal by producing branded video content every other week and continually grow her accounts to reach a wide audience.

Mintage Capital Corp Social Media Management

Roxane with Mintage Capital Corp. knew her social media could drive more sales, with consistent effort and management. Now with the help of Panda Rose Consulting we not only drive steady leads to her inbox, by targeted campaigns and relevant, branded content. But we also increase her audience growth.
"Our Social Media accounts have been on a steady incline ever since we started working with the team at Panda Rose. Aside from being professional and on time, this is a great bunch of people as well. I highly recommend Panda Rose services and encourage others to work with this amazing team"
Bobby Aloisio


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Wonder what a social media manager can do for you?


Video and photo content creation. 


Social Media Support
Preparing story, reel and TikTok content prompts. Helping you build personal relationships with your audience, in addition to our branded posting.


Practicing social listening techniques by monitoring social media profiles for customer feedback, brand mentions, conversations around relevant keywords, topics, competitors or industries.

Social Media managment
Social media account clean up
& account optimization
Custom Design
Graphic design and social media branding

Consistent posting and engaging on social platforms with a unique strategy for your business

Caption & hashtag strategy
Ad Campaign
Running and monitoring paid ad campaigns

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