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We are always pleased to work with our clients in St. Albert, whether it is helping get online with great Web Design or assisting them show up more prominently on search engines with local Search Engine Optimization. Before Covid struck, we maintained an office at NABI, Mission Avenue for multiple years, working directly with our clients to develop their marketing campaigns and web sites. After Covid, we decided to temporarily shut down that office since in-person meetings were severely restricted, but we do look forward to getting an new space in St. Albert when things open back up.

We have been a proud member of the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce for many years, and always love to be involved in the local community, with many of our employees having family attending school in St. Albert.

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Some of our local clients:

Helmet Creek Technologies

Website Development & Search Engine Optimization

Zenith Wellness Co.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Website Design & Development

Aloisio Cosmetics

Social Media Marketing & Logo Design

Featured Client

Aloisio Cosmetics

Aloisio Cosmetics is a small cosmetics brand headquartered in St. Albert. Their cosmetics are designed to be made with natural ingredients and work effectively to reduce the appearance of aging and improve skin elasticity. We worked directly with Bob to help him double his Social Media presence, connecting him with effective influencers and helping develop a solid brand identity on all of his channels, including Instagram and Facebook. With a very small budget, we were able to directly drive sales through social media and grow his business.


Give us a call and find out how Panda Rose can
support your organization’s digital future.

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