Panda Rose developed a customized web application for GoldHunt. This site was developed using Kojo and React. The system developed allowed tens of thousands of players to work for weeks to try and get the 100,000 prize, while properly securing against a myriad of hackers and other individuals determined to steal the answers. Developed in an incredibly tight timeline and built to survive the most determined attackers, this system successfully was used for multiple Goldhunts in Canada and the US.

Custom Website Development

Kiwi Nurseries - KIWI NEWS

Kiwi Nurseries

Kiwi Nurseries To completely revamp their online presence for their 40th anniversary, Panda Rose redeveloped a new website to share the history of Kiwi Nurseries

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Vybe Life in the App Store

Vybe Life

Vybe Life Vybe Life is a daily mindfulness practice which rewards conscious living.By becoming more aware and connected to the present moment, a different, more

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