Why Is A Good Website Important?

Your website if the first impression people have of your business. They are searching the internet for your services or product and they land on your page! Congratulations they found you! Which even finding you is hard enough with tons of businesses online competing for the same top of the search page spot. They navigate […]

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What even is SEO? And How Do I Do It?

Search Engine Optimization What is it? And why do you want it? Business has changed so much from the traditional model of working with consumers in store fronts from even just 30 years ago. The business world has moved online and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Have you ever been in discussion with someone

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Instagramming Dos and Don’ts

Instagram is a great platform for business to show off their entertaining and creative side. It is easy to use, easily accessed and fun to work with. Unfortunately, I often find businesses treating their Instagram business profile like their website or worse, like a scrapbook. I’ll tell you why that is hurting their business.  

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Messaging Netflix

At the end of your work day, you flop on to your couch, grab your phone, click on your Facebook application and prepare yourself for all the memes you are about to discover. What a great way to end your day. You are scrolling past the argumentative political posts and the millions of pictures of

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