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Getting Started

You’ve started your company, and now you want to grow it into a larger business. But the path forward is not always clear. How do you take your business to the next level? How do you stand out in your market, and make sure you’re not lost in the shuffle? For many small businesses, knowing where to start is one of the greatest hurdles. “Grow your brand” is what you may have read; this is brand awareness. Building a strong business requires strong brand awareness.

But getting your name out there is not the easiest thing to do. If you own a plumbing company, there are dozens of other plumbing companies providing similar services. Sure, you can say your company is best, but everyone says that. A catchy name or catchy logo may help, but how do you make your company the one people think of?

A Case Study

It used to be a lot more straightforward to grow a brand. In a less cluttered marketspace, ensuring your product was the first that came to a consumer’s mind often began with convincing major retailers to stock your product. Look no further than the Coca-Cola Company. Their goal was to make a consumer think of Coca-Cola any time that consumer wanted a relaxing beverage. The red can with white cursive writing helped increase brand awareness. Consumers worldwide quickly became familiar with the Coca-Cola brand. Back then, marketing was more limited – newspaper advertisements, billboards, and literally appearing on the supermarket shelf (also known as brand availability) were key. That’s not the case anymore.

Since Coca-Cola, not much has changed; in fact, change has accelerated. Advertising on radio and television is prohibitively expensive, newspapers have dwindling circulation, and potential consumers absorb information through diverse methods.

New Opportunities

This presents both new opportunities – and new challenges – for the modern business.

The biggest step towards brand awareness and brand availability is the Google search. If you are looking for any service – whether it’s a plumber, a massage therapist, or a bicycle repair shop – the overwhelming majority of modern consumers will Google businesses in their area. Brand awareness that was once generated by appearing on shelves, or advertisements in newspapers, or even through word of mouth, has now been replaced by appearing in Google searches. A failure to appear high in a Google search can hamper a business, even if you offer a superior product or have lower prices.

If you do not appear near the top of a Google search, your company will be quickly forgotten, or a potential consumer may look to a competitor instead. Studies have shown that internet users rarely look past the first page of search results; Your chances of being noticed decrease exponentially if you are not at or near the top of a Google search result. When you Google a product, how often have you looked at Pages 2, 3, or 4, to find the right choice?

The Solution

To appear at the top of searches, the path to brand awareness and availability is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO ensures search engines like Google find you, and promote you. Through proper use of SEO, your company will appear at the top of searches when a potential consumer searches for you directly or searches for your area of service.

PandaRose Consulting Studios provides social media management and digital marketing packages. We’ll help improve both your brand awareness and brand availability in the online world. Make sure your existing customers – and future customers – find you when they need you.

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