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After a bit of a false start with our brand new Panda Rose podcast back in March, we’re re-starting again, and what better day to start than National Podcast Day? In this episode, Deborah, Leah, and Tim discuss a bit of the history of podcasts, theremins, hurdy gurdies, our generational differences, and other odd things. Find us on Facebook at, Instagram at, and Twitter at Our website is


man with a toilet paper stockpile at costco

In the past few weeks we’ve seen people stockpiling toilet paper and other items, which sometimes seems a little crazy. In this episode, Deborah and Leah talk about stockpiling, emergency preparedness, and other odd things people do (or don’t do) in a time of pandemic and emergency.


In today’s PandaPodCast Deborah Mullan and Kelly John Rose, CEO of Panda Rose Consulting Studios, Inc., discuss local search engine optimisation and things you can do to improve your presence on the web locally and within your community.