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Microsoft has unveiled their new version of Microsoft Edge.  Over the years, they’ve released a lot of new versions, but this is the only one that’s got our development team excited.  Why?  Because, if you haven’t heard, Edge now runs on Chromium, an open-source project based on Google Chrome.  This means that instead of being some ugly mess, Edge now has a lot of the same functionality as Chrome.

So I figured I’d give you my Outlook (pun intended.  Sit tight, there’s a lot of these) on the whole situation.  Hope y’all have your Notepads (see what I mean?) out.

what has this done to the landscape of the great browser war in this Age of browser Empires? (…okay, that one was a bit too much of a stretch.  I apologize.)  Honestly, probably not a lot right now.  I’ve currently got Chrome installed on my work computer and Firefox on my home computer and I’m happy with them both so I probably won’t go through the trouble of switching my preferred browser.  While the new Edge …edges out the competition in a lot of ways (especially Chrome), it’s not a big enough advantage for me to switch right now.  That being said, when I eventually get a new home computer I’m 99% certain I’ll just stick with Edge.

With all that out of the way, here are the advantages that the new Edge gives.  Keep in mind, that I haven’t done any in depth research on this topic yet.  I’ve only done a quick Visual Basic scan of the new info that’s out there.


a large number of security cameras

Word on the street is that the jury’s still out as to whether or not Edge is better for privacy than Firefox.  I kinda suspect the opposite will be true.  But Edge definitely beats out Chrome for now.  While Google is starting to focus on privacy, it hasn’t quite caught up to it’s fellow browsers, which honestly isn’t that surprising.  It is Google, after all.

Better Power Consumption than Chrome

Low battery warning light

Another advantage that doesn’t really affect Firefox.  But as anyone who has used Chrome on a laptop can tell you, that thing kills battery life.  Microsoft managed to find some fixes so for now it’s better than Chrome, though they did the kind thing and made their fixes open-source so it’s only a matter of time before Chrome includes them too.  That being said, all the Power points go to Microsoft


100 meter dash lane

Edge has now managed to beat out every other browser in terms of the number of performance tests it wins.  That being said, they’re all pretty close.  There’s only ever a tiny gap between the winners.  So while edge is better here, it’s not a dealbreaker either way.

Business Needs

business laptops and papers

This is where Microsoft Excels.  The integration that Edge has with Windows and other Microsoft products means that in a large company you can find the file you need on your company’s shared server just by searching Edge for it.  Even if all you know is that Bill from Engineering made the document last week.

The new logo

new Microsoft Edge logo
Microsoft Edge logo? Or Tide pod?

I wouldn’t count the logo as an advantage except for the fact that since someone pointed it out to me, I can’t unsee the fact that it looks a bit like a tide pod.  One Note I have to make is that this could actually be a disadvantage if it results in a dead meme coming back to life.

Thank you for making it through this exploration of the new Microsoft Edge.  If you feel like it was just an excuse for me to make Microsoft puns, just be glad that you get these little Windows (sorry, not sorry) into my life.  My coworkers also want you to know, you should be glad you don’t work in the same office as me.  Though at least they have it better than my wife….